How to choose the right engagement ring

How to choose the right engagement ring

How to choose the right engagement ringChoosing the right engagement ring for your partner can be a little tricky. You wouldn’t want to rub off as old-fashioned and I’m sure you would love to get that “Wow” feeling from her when she receives your proposal. This article has gathered a few points that can be helpful to you when choosing just the perfect engagement ring for her.

How to choose the right engagement ring

  1. Consider Her Taste of Jewelry

    Take a peek through her current jewelry to determine her general preferences. You wouldn’t want to get her something she cannot feel comfortable wearing so you need to be careful before selecting a ring. The best way to do this is to see what other rings and jewelry she loves to wear.

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  2. Sample Opinions

    You may still be a bit confused even after you have gone through her stuff. In this case, you may use hints, family, and friends to tease out ideas for potential engagement rings. Make comments about a friend’s engagement ring and ask her opinion regarding engagement rings. You may also get ideas from her close friends and family as she may have discussed her dream engagement ring with them.

  3. Diamonds / Precious Stones

    Diamonds tend to be the traditional engagement ring choice because they are enduring and match everything. When choosing a diamond, be aware of the following 4 C’s of diamonds.
    If you don’t think she is interested in diamonds,  you could consider Sapphire, Emeralds, or Jade.

  4. Consider Shopping Together

    You may want to propose first without a ring and then together you both head to a store to select the actual ring. This ensures that she gets the ring she wants without all the pressure of picking something so expensive by yourself. Guys don’t normally buy jewelry and are generally less equipped to tell a woman’s taste. So work together!

  5. Band Size

    Choosing the ring size of the band is an important part of choosing the right engagement ring. One way you can figure out her ring size is by sneaking out one of the rings she wears a lot to have a jeweler figure out the size or try tracing the inside of the ring on a piece of paper, then using that for sizing.

  6. Budget

    Fix your budget in advance and endeavor to buy the best ring you can afford without going into debt, setting a budget early on and working from there. Check out antique stones and rings instead of buying a brand new piece as it has flavor, uniqueness, and can be much cheaper.

  7. Jeweler

    Choose a good jeweler, considering online sources as well. You can also ask around your married friends or your family for recommendations on a good, trusted jeweler.
    An online jeweler such as James Allen, Harry George, or the Blue Nile can be a good option. Be sure to check that the jeweler has a strong online reputation before purchasing by searching “(Name of online jeweler) + Reviews” on Google.

  8. Certificate of Authenticity

    Ask for a certificate of authenticity and a warranty to accompany the ring. Certificates are very useful to collect with a diamond to find out exactly where they originated from. They are usually only available with the purchase of diamonds larger or at 1 karat. For smaller diamonds, a certificate adds a considerable amount to the cost of the stone, as you may end up paying an extra several hundred dollars or pounds to obtain one.


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