How to buy Sasol shares on FNB

How to buy sasol shares on fnb

How to buy sasol shares on fnb

If you are into the stock exchange business in South Africa, i guess Sasol shares will not be strange to you but just in case you happen to be a newbie or novice, this article is for you as it gives you a breakdown of Sasol and how its shares can be bought on FNB.

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Sasol Limited is a South African company that trades under the stock symbol SOL on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Though with headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sasol has a presence in Mozambique, South Africa, Canada, and Gabon.

How to Buy Sasol Shares on FNB

  1. Login to Online Banking using your username and password.
  2. Select the Shares + Gold tab.
  3. Your existing Share Investment Accounts will be displayed. Select the Share Builder account that you would like to use to purchase shares. For profiles which only have one Share Trading account, a new screen will be displayed after selecting the Shares + Gold tab.
  4. If you currently hold shares in your portfolio, this will be displayed. Select Buy, next to the share you’d like to purchase. If there are no shares held in your portfolio, select the Menu bar on the left of the screen and select Shares under Buy and then choose the shares you’d like to buy.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to invest and select Buy.
  6. Review the quote, accept the terms and conditions and select Confirm. If you need to change any of the details, select Edit.
  7. The result of your transaction will then be displayed. Select Finish to return to the Shares + Gold landing page.

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