How to buy electricity using Barclays Bank

How to buy electricity using Barclays Bank

How to buy electricity using Barclays Bank

All banks now provide different services specifically online payment services banks. Popular British multinational investment bank and financial services company Barclays is not left out in this race. When you want to buy electricity years back you will have to find your way to the electricity company to make payments. As technology has improved, one of the biggest banks has also joined.

If you’re a customer of this popular bank, then we will guide you on how you can buy electricity using Barclays bank in a few easy steps.

How to buy electricity using Barclays 

  • The first step is to sign up with Barclays online banking.
  • After you have done that you will need a reference number. This reference number could be your customer number which should be on your bill. If you’re making use of a credit card, the reference number will be your credit card number. If you’re confused while filling the details you can contact the company you’re making the payment to.

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