How to Activate Roaming on Orange Egypt

how to activate roaming on orange egypt

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Activating roaming on Orange Egypt when traveling abroad to other countries outside Egypt is a sure way to reduce additional call and data expenses. Learn the procedures taken to activate roaming on Orange Egypt.

Orange Egypt, which is formerly known as Mobinil is the oldest mobile network operator in Egypt and it provides voice and data exchange services, as well as 4G, 3G, ADSL, and broadband internet. As far as Egypt is concerned, Orange goes way back to 1998 and it is still among the popular network operators in the country.

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It is important to know that when you find yourself outside the shores of Egypt, your call rates and other service charges tend to increase. However, this extra cost can be managed with roaming. Activating roaming makes it easier for you to use your Orange Network mobile from any part of the world. So before departing Egypt, ensure you activate the roaming service.

This roaming service requires an activation fee to get it started. New customers may pay EGP 750 as a deposit. Also, be sure to subscribe to a Roaming Data Bucket, if you are traveling to an eligible country to avoid extra charges.
When roaming you pay for SMS sent and you are also charged for both making/receiving calls. On return to Egypt after roaming, you will receive a welcome back SMS.

How to Activate Roaming on Orange Egypt

  1. Contact the Customer Care helpline with the codes below according to your plan. Call 110 for Personal, 250 for Corporate and 2000 for First Class from your Orange line. Ensure you the pay Roaming activation fees to activate the roaming service. Visit Orange website to find out the roaming activation fee for your package.
    However, if you are a Fox and ALO customer, you can subscribe for free by dialing #100#. Also, Eagle and Star customers are eligible for free roaming after paying three bills.
  2. Download “My Orange app” from google play store or Apple store to monitor your data usage & bill (app usage is free while roaming).
  3. Upon arriving at your destination​, switch on your mobile phone and you should be automatically detected on an Orange network or one of our network partners.
  4. To save more money, go to Settings and turn off automatic updates and also disable your voicemail service, if active, temporarily.
  5. Activate Anti-bill shock to enable you to control your Internet consumption while roaming. To know more about Anti-bill shock, visit the website or call the cutomer care helpline.
  6. In case you didn’t subscribe to any of our data roaming buckets or if you travelled to a non-eligible country for data roaming buckets, your limit will be 100MBs by default and then the data usage while roaming will be temporarily blocked then you may unblock your data roaming usage or increase your limit. You can unblock your usage through any of the following channels:

    Calling +201223202020 from abroad (Free for Postpaid and Call and Control customers, International call rate applies for Prepaid customer).
    USSD code #100#
    Portal (by connecting to the nearest Hotspot)
    My Orange app (by connecting to the nearest Hotspot)


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