How do i post on marketplace

how to post on facebook marketplace

how to post on facebook marketplace

To post on Facebook marketplace is the same thing as to sell your item there. Have it in mind that whenever you sell an item there you create a public listing that can be seen by anyone on Marketplace. Last time we wrote an article on How to find Facebook Marketplace, today we will teach you how to make sue of it.

How do I sell an item on Marketplace

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • From the left side of your screen click on Marketplace.
  • You will see the + Sell Something option click on it,
  • Click on Item for Sale.
  • A form appears, enter a title for your listing, key in your location and select the category of what you want to sell.
  • Describe your item and if you want to offer the commodity free, type 0 at the price section.
  • Click on the + 10 Photos option to upload the photo of the item you want to sell.
  • When you have completed the above options click on Post.

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