How To Live With Your Parents

How To Live With Your Parents
How To Live With Your Parents
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I have always dreamed of an independent life away from my parents watchful and glaring eyes. Always wanting to dictate the dos and don’ts, so I decided that after graduation from college, I would get a job, live away from home and be independent. So after school, I got a job but my paycheck was insufficient to get me the life I wanted so I found myself going back home.

Living with parents can sometimes be frustrating (I can assure you I know how it feels) and annoying. Once you become a teenager and an adult, the environment may become unconducive that you want to get out at all costs. But What if you don’t have the means to support yourself yet?

Trust me, I have been there and I can assure you that these tips will work like magic.

How To Live With Your Parents

1. Be Sincere

Your parents would want you to be bold and not sneaky when dealing with them. Always tell them the truth at all times even when you feel they may not like the idea. They should be comfortable knowing your capabilities and weaknesses. I know you may want to keep some things about your private life to yourself but you should be sincere in issues like:

  • Your Whereabouts.
  • Your Associates.

You may think you are all grown up but they will always want to protect you. Save them worrying about you by letting them know what they need to know so they feel you are safe.

2. Avoid Being a Slob

As a grown-up, you need to build self-confidence. Make your parents know that you can handle things around the house without being told. Take up chores and errands that need to be done. Help them with laundry, gardening and some other stuff that they may find difficult due to their age and schedule.

3. Be Time Conscious

Be careful not to waste your time on petty and useless things that don’t matter. If you are still yet to get a job, try not to waste the whole day on TVs and Video games, it will only annoy and irritate them. They may tag you “irresponsible”. Instead, spend more time trying to be productive. Surf the internet for other things you can do and try part-time jobs until you land your desired/ dream job.

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4. Handle Some House Expenses

It helps when you can pay little bills (utility bills) and purchases (groceries, toiletries, etc) in the house. Sometimes, it is not about doing big things but the little things you do willingly will make your parents happy to know that you are aware of your responsibilities.

5. Create Time For Your Parents

Your parents should be seen as your friends. Treat them like they matter to you. They want to be part of your life, let them. Do not allow yourself to be an object of discussion all the time. Reduce the tension around the house by having dinners and family get-togethers with them.

6. Be Respectful

Just because you are an adult doesn’t make you equal with your parents. No matter your age, they are still older than you are and they deserve your respect. Even when they are wrong, correct them with a gentle tone. Lay out your complaints and gently discuss whatever issues you have with them rather than lording yourself over them.


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