How to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

This article is about how to defeat titan in shadow fight 2 and is for android users. if you are an android user and loves to play games in your mobile phone you must have come about the popular game Shadow Fight 2 which already have more than 100 million downloads. This game is one of the best fight games out there and it was designed in an epic manner where there are variety of ancient Chinese weapons to choose from.

This game could take you at least 2 months to complete, lots of interesting stories to encounter. Completing the stage one is defeating Lynx, then the next stage you encounter Hermit who uses a weapon known as Hermit’s sword. In the third stage you have to face Butcher who uses Butcher’s Knives, a fat man who looks like a kitchen worker, defeating him takes you to Wasp a lady whose weapon is known as Wasp’s Naginata.

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Defeating Wasp isn’t that easy, if you defeat her it takes you to the next stage where you get to defeat Widow whose weapons are fans. After completing that stage you get to defeat Shogun who’s a tough army general whose weapon is known as Katana, the weapon comprises two swords. When you defeat  Shogun it takes you to the final stage where you get to face Titan, a giant with a massive weapon and magic.

How to Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

This brings us to the main topic of this article, you will agree with me that defeating Titan is one of the most difficult part of this game it might even frustrate you to uninstall this game but not to worry we are here to show you the way. There’s only one easy way to defeat him, you have to turn your game mood to eclipse by clicking on the sun on the top right side. Then go back to the first stage and defeat Lynx which then gives you access to his weapon known as Claws. Gain some points by fighting other competitions in other to upgrade this weapon to the highest stage then go back to fight Titan again. I assure you, you will defeat Titan because that weapon is very effective, thank me later and enjoy your game.

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