How to contact Pinterest for help

pinterest help

Pinterest is among the top 100 websites in the world and they have millions of users daily. There are lots of things to enjoy in this social media platform but what makes them unique is the ability to pin pictures to your board. With all these complex functions from this famous website there’s bound to be issues experienced by its users which would result in contacting the admin of Pinterest.

How to contact Pinterest for help

To contact Pinterest for help click on your profile picture at the top right and click on Get Help or use the link to go to their Help Page.

How to contact Pinterest for help

1. Account access and closure

If your issues are about Login issues, Reactivate account, and Deactivate or close account, then click on Account Access and closure.

2. Appeals

This option is for issues that happen to be about account violation, account suspension, or your site was blocked by Pinterest.

pinterest help

3. Features and Settings

This has got to do with all the features of Pinterest. It includes Boards, Pins, Profile and Settings, and so on. If you have any confusion about any of this then click on this category to resolve it.

4. Businesses and Advertising

If you have a business account with Pinterest then this category is for you. If you run an ad or your ad was rejected, Billing, and payment issues, then click on Businesses and Advertising.

5. Personal Data 

Everything about your personal information with Pinterest comes under this category.

6. Report a policy violation

Your user experience with Pinterest matters a lot and that’s why they have this category. If you want to report a hate speech, violence, self-harm, or spam then this section is for you.

Note: Select from the option from each category and click on Continue.

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