How to Check 8ta Phone Number

How to check 8ta phone number

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In this article, we will be teaching you all you need to know about how to check the 8ta phone number. Be sure that this will come in handy as it is a piece of vital information that will save you some unnecessary embarrassment.

In our previous post, how to activate 8ta sim card, we discussed all the details about the 8ta sim card, the brand, the company, and all the necessary info about the sim activation.

As in our post on the 8ta sim, we recall that Telkom, one of the renowned South African mobile networks was formerly known as 8ta in 2013. This makes you understand that whatever is applicable to Telkom is also the same as 8ta.

Note that if you recently purchased a sim or if your telkom sim card is used in a modem or a router, it would be difficult to get your phone number without taking out the sim card. So in the case of checking or retrieving the 8ta mobile phone number, you should follow the instructions below:

How to Check 8ta Phone Number

  1. From your phone, dial *140*contact number# and retrieve your phone number from the contact number used to send the “please call me” message.
  2. If the sim is in a router or modem, simply access the routers home page and login.
    Then send a please call me to a different number by dialling the code *140*contact number#.
  3. You can also dial *1# and your cellphone number should display on the screen.
  4. If you have airtime on your phone, call another number or send an sms to retrieve your number. However, this may be the fastest way but it doesnt work if your sim card is in a modem, router or if you dont have airtime.

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