How to change for someone

How to Change for Someone

How to Change for Someone

Change as they say is constant and we’ll be discussing how you can change for someone. We usually hear or see this statement; Never change for someone else. That’s true because it helps your self-esteem so much and it’s important for your well being. Most times people make us feel we are not worth it and want us to look more beautiful than we are naturally, this has led many people to surgery in other to modify their body parts and look more beautiful.

The next statement is “If someone really loves you, that person will love you exactly as you are”. This is another good one and it helped many of us in our day to day relationships with people. All these popular sayings aren’t always true, and the reason is no one is perfect. We all have our negative sides and some may not be tolerated by others and that’s where the word “change” comes in.

How to change for someone

1. Unhealthy habits

When you’re in a serious relationship you need to start thinking about how to drop some bad habits such as smoking and dirty lifestyle. These changes are not just for your partner because health affects him/her too, but it’s for your own good. Your partner may not be a fan of smokers, then you need to learn to adjust.

2. Hobbies and interests

The more time you spend with someone, the more you will automatically adopt the person’s lifestyle. You had your interests and hobbies before meeting your partner, but at this point in time, you must learn to add more hobbies and interests to yours. Am not saying you should develop an interest in what you don’t like, but there must be a few things among many your partner does that you’ll develop a love for.

3. Argument

If you’re always right then you need to understand that you can’t move on with that mindset. The reason is you’re not perfect and no one is. There’s no way you can have a good relationship with such an attitude. In every relationship, there will always be an argument but don’t claim to be always right and learn to argue less. This makes your partner be comfortable with you.

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4. Dreams

There’s no way both of you can have the same dreams and aspirations. First, you don’t need need to force someone to your own dreams, they have the right and liberty to do so. Neither should you drag someone to your own lane, that’s not okay either. Most of the dreams we had weren’t actualized and we had to make a change. You don’t need to change your dreams because of someone else but you can make it in such a way to accommodate them in their lives. Telling you from experience, I had dreams to travel to so many parts of the world, but to accommodate my partner I had to make a few travels and most of them were with her. I didn’t lose myself because of her but I accommodated her.

5. Social habits

You might be an extrovert and the other individual could be an introvert. From the onset there’s no way you two can be the same, there must be some differences. You could change some of your social habits, but only the extreme and unhealthy ones. Such as too much clubbing, so many friends, and much more.

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