How to cancel Lucky Mobile plan

How to cancel Lucky Mobile plan

How to cancel Lucky Mobile plan

Let’s teach you how to cancel Lucky Mobile plan. Depending on the plan you wish to cancel will determine the next action you will take. From research and experience, Lucky Mobile doesn’t have any proper way to cancel your plan which makes their customers feel a bit frustrated, but here at 247Howto, we will show you the best step to take in order to cancel or scrap your mobile plan.

How to cancel the Lucky Mobile planĀ 

This solution will be divided into two, which we will explain to you properly in order for you to achieve this.

  • The first method to achieve this is by calling their customer care line 1 833-88-LUCKY (1 833-885-8259) from your home phone, remember to follow the prompts. Even though they have other methods such as self-service options (through their app or website) and FAQ(frequently asked questions), there’s no solution to this issue if you go through it that way.
  • The second method is very simple, just stop topping up.

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