How to get or open a Paypal account in South Africa

27Apr - by 247howto - 0 - In Tech

The write up this time is focused on how to get your own Paypal account in South Africa. Paypal is one the safest and most secured way to send and receive money online or even to set up a merchant account. There are some limitations though, following some bad reports about some countries having a high crime rate in terms of internet fraudulent activities, this has made Paypal to block some countries from receiving payment but can make a payment. Fortunately South Africa is not among this countries and that’s not our topic though, we are here to teach you how to open a Paypal account if you are from South Africa or based there as a foreigner.

How to open a Paypal account in South Africa

  1. Visit the South African official Paypal website and sign up.south african paypal
  2. The next step is to choose between the option of personal account or business account. Let me explain a bit, choose personal account if its for you and your aim is to shop from different online stores without sharing your payment details with the stores.While business account is for accepting payments, this is for those that own an online business.
  3. Fill in your name, email address and password.
  4. Complete the other remaining instructions to connect your bank account with your Paypal account.